How to Make a Multi Monitor Computer

For science-fiction movie lovers, the appearance of a computer with many monitors must be often encountered. In fact, we can also do this ourselves at home.

Especially for those of you who have two or more monitors. How to make your own multi monitor computer is quite easy to do.

Utilization of 1 PC many monitors will provide advantages and convenience. You can control two different jobs using the same system.

Moreover, in windows 10 this function has a very drastic improvement. Not only for laptop user computers can also make good use of this function.

The Advantage Using Multi Monitor PC

Before we move to the step of setting up multi monitors in Windows 10, it will be discussed the advantages of using multi monitors themselves. The advantages are as follows:

  • Make work easier
  • Shorten time
  • Multitasking
  • Facilitate the data input process
  • Useful for designers to test screen resolution
  • When the laptop screen is damaged it is very useful as an additional monitor


These advantages will certainly improve the performance of your work. In addition the work can be completed easier and faster. Users no longer need to minimize their work, to see the data on another screen.

Required Equipment

In utilizing the multi monitor function of course requires some extra equipment. One of them is more than one monitor.

This function can only be used for those of you who have an extra monitor at home or in the office.

The next must-have tool to use more than one monitor is a connector tool. Connector cables such as splitters are useful for connecting multiple monitors with the main PC.

Cables that are often encountered are HDMI and VGA types.

Not only the connector cable and additional monitor, you also have to make sure that the USB port on the monitor matches the computer.

To handle inappropriate connectors, you can use an adapter or Converter capable of connecting the two.

The next equipment needed is a video card or VGA. Not all VGA in the PC can be used for multiple monitors. Therefore, you can try to use screen monitoring software from WorkPuls to make the job easier for you to do.

It certainly requires you to buy additional Software from WorkPuls to be paired on pc. Currently using WorkPuls software can make it easier for you and supports more than five monitors on the market.

How to Make 3 Monitors in 1 PC

How to make a multi monitor computer young enough to do. The requirements that must be done in doing multi monitor more than two are as follows:

  • The monitor used must have the same resolution and have DVI port and Display. Sometimes when the screen resolution is different, there will be a hang on the laptop or PC.
  • VGA or video card used must support for multi monitor. You can use the video card as needed. Now there are many cheap VGA available but can be used for many monitors, such as AMD and Nvidia.
  • Set up software to install the used VGA. Make sure your PC or laptop support on VGA software
  • Framework for a series of 3 monitors
  • Β Connector cable, which is a cable for the display port and two DVI to DVI cable video cables

How to Install 3 Monitors

After the equipment needed is complete next is to pair 3 monitors 1 Laptop or PC.

The first thing to do for How to Make a Multi Monitor Computer is to make sure all the monitors are connected with a connector cable.

If the port on the monitor does not match as described earlier, you can install an adapter or converter. Then connect all the monitors to the video card that has been provided.

Connect the two monitors with the DVI cable and the one on the laptop monitor with the display cable. You can also connect all three monitors using a display cable if all three have a display port.

The last step is to activate the video card or VGA software that has been inserted on your Laptop or PC.

How to Set Up Multi Monitor in Windows 10

Combining dual monitors or more on a laptop or PC using Window 10 is not difficult. The steps are as follows:

  • Make sure the monitor’s connection with your PC is in place.
  • Next right click on the desktop screen and select the Display Settings menu.
  • On display you will see two numbered screens. That means computers and monitors are connected. Make sure both monitor screens have the same display.
  • If one of the monitor screens is of low or poor quality, upgrade the driver or Configuring the display with display driver. This will bring both screens back to normal.
  • The last step is to select Multiple Display in the Display Setting menu. Customize the screen settings to suit your needs. Then select Apply.


Multiple Monitor Options

When setting a multi monitor PC on the Multiple Display menu there are several options. As for a brief explanation of several options on the Multiple Display that you can choose:

1. Duplicate

This option is used to create a screen similar to a computer. So that the display of monitor 1 and monitor 2 are the same. This option is widely used when presenting.

2. Extend

In this option the screen will be divided into two monitors. This option is one of the ways to make the most widely used multi monitor computer.

Extend also makes it easy to set up your monitor. Because it can do two different jobs than one computer.

3. Show Desktop Only 1

At this option, only monitor one is active. While monitor 2 will be turned off. This can be used if you want to focus on the work on monitor 1 for example.

This option can also be used when the laptop screen is damaged so it only requires a replacement monitor only.

4. Show Desktop Only 2

This option is the opposite of the previous one. If previously only monitor 1 was on, then in this option monitor 2 will turn on and monitor 1 will turn off.


Configuring the Second Monitor

Configuration is the last step as a way to create a multi monitor computer. In Windows 10, configuration is done if previously on Multiple Display, User chose to use extend.

The configuration settings on each monitor in Windows 10 can run separately, so you can change each monitor as needed. Even the wallpaper on each monitor can be changed to make it different.

This configuration serves to set the second and first monitors to be comfortable to use. You can adjust the height and resolution on the monitor as needed.

Even in this monitor configuration, users can also change the main monitor by selecting Make this my main display on Display.

The main monitor in multi monitor has more details than other monitors. On the main monitor the settings made are also more complete.

Although the second monitor also has the same settings, the main monitor can be accessed more easily.

Thus a brief explanation on how to make a multi monitor computer and how to set it using windows 10. Hopefully this way can help those of you who are confused.

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